Search Engine Optimisation Service

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Choosing a search engine optimisation service so your customers can find you on the internet:

SEO Max know what it takes to get your website listed in Google without having to pay every time someone clicks.

Unless you make the front page news, Google takes time to move your site higher up the search engine results. Anyone that tells you they can get you to the top of the search results in a day is either not telling you the truth or wants to sell you expensive “pay per click” adverts. The billions of pages indexed by Google nowadays mean that it takes time to get results. If you’re lucky and their computer is in a good mood, this may be a matter of a few weeks but we find that it’s much more likely for results to take between 3 and 6 months to show up. Sometimes even longer if you’re in a very competitive industry.

When people want to buy something, they’ll type in a few words such Houses in Cheltenham, Dentists in Cheltenham, etc.

There are lots of keywords people search for every single day that are “low hanging fruit” that you could be using to bring yourself lots and lots of new customers with. These keyword phrases are searched for day in, day out. And you could be showing up when they search – if you know what to target and how to optimise your website.

Which is where we can help:

  • We will help you to optimise your website for the type of keywords that are best suited to your locale and your business model.
  • We will create custom content that will drive targeted traffic to your website, generating more sales for you.
  • We will talk to you in plain English (not technical speak), design a promotional plan that is right for you and implement that plan to perfection!

There are people looking for your products and services on the internet right now. But they’re using a competitor because they can’t find you online. Their copy of the Yellow Pages is still in it’s shrink wrap if it hasn’t already been sent to landfill, so your nice, expensive advert isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

People’s first choice nowadays is to use the internet. You need to be in front of them when they’re searching for something you sell. It really is as simple as that.

The good news is that the internet is still quite a level playing field. We can help you to get your website in front of customers eyes and then persuade those customers to contact you.

We’ve got a range of packages that you can choose from to grow your business.

Check out our search engine optimisation service packages here and then call us on 07967 478272  to discuss how we can help build your business.