On Page SEO Factors #4

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On page SEO factors – Part 4

Page content – the main part of your web page.

Search engines thrive on text. That’s what they index best and the more relevant words they have, the happier they are.

So don’t hide your page content in images or fancy Flash animations. Use regular text on your page – this is what the search engines index best.

Don’t waffle on for too long either.

It’s a fine line. Keep things interesting and keep paragraphs short even if your old English teacher wouldn’t like it.

Use plenty of white space.

Feel free to add in relevant images and/or videos to keep people’s interest.

Use as many words as you like – break your page up with sub-headings, bullet points, etc. if that helps.

Remember that the main job of each page is to keep your reader interested enough to read the complete page and then (if it’s relevant) contact you or buy something from you or comment on the page.

Keep the main purpose of the page in mind as you write it and make sure your reader will find your writing interesting!