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Internet marketing covers a multitude of different meanings but typically it’s to do with how you promote your business on the internet. As a specialist internet marketing firm in Cheltenham we can help you to get the best value from the time and money you spend marketing your company on the internet.

Internet marketing Cheltenham imageNowadays, internet marketing covers a lot of different skill sets and areas of the internet:

  • Search engine optimisation – probably the longest standing form of promoting your company on the web. This starts with making your website friendly to both search engines and humans, even before your potential customers even reach your website. You can do a quick check in Google to see how your site is represented by using site: followed immediately by your domain name (no spaces) as your search. This will show you the all-important page titles that are the first part of your internet marketing campaign. If these don’t attract people to click, they’ll never see your site.
  • Social media – nowadays, this is getting more and more important. Tweets seem to be everywhere and if you have the time and patience to regularly post updates to Twitter then you can build up a loyal following of people who will buy into your brand and offers. Facebook works very well if your internet marketing is aimed at consumers rather than other businesses. Again, you need to make sure that you keep your Facebook page regularly updated. For business-to-business internet marketing then Linkedin is your best friend. Make sure that your profile is completed and that you regularly engage in any groups you’ve joined.
  • Videos – an up and coming tool in your internet marketing armoury. They don’t have to be Hollywood production quality but there are a number of rules that you need to follow to get the best from your videos, starting with ensuring that the file you upload has your targeted keywords in the filename and moving on from there. You also need to remember that Google & YouTube can cope with the written word much better than they can cope with working out moving images. This means that your video description should be long (if you’ve ever wondered why songs with lyrics tend to show up higher, that’s your clue) and your tags should be relevant. You should also amend the automatically generated captions so that they reflect what you actually said.
  • Backlinks to your site. Getting good quality backlinks is a never ending task in your internet marketing. Sites come and go, links can be dropped in redesigns, competitors can go hell for leather in getting more backlinks than you, etc. The emphasis is moving to quality over quantity – the days of millions of spammy backlinks are fortunately close to being over – but it’s worth your time to continually seek out new places to get links pointing back to your site.
  • Web 2.0 presence. It’s not really a second internet but it refers to all sorts of sites that allow you to piggy-back on their domain and put up one or more pages on their site. This can range from sites like Squidoo through to newer sites like Pinterest. Increasing your Web 2.0 presence is a good way to diversify your backlinks and increase your internet marketing efforts.

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