Internet Marketing for Restaurants

Internet marketing for restaurants is different from marketing other businesses on the web. People choose restaurants for a variety of reasons and you need to make sure that yours is on the shortlist when they get peckish for a meal out.

Internet marketing for restaurants imageI’m assuming that you’ve got at least a base level of trade for your restaurant. If not, watch a few back episodes of the various Gordon Ramsay television shows and use things like sampling and leaflet drops to get trade through your door fast.

The trick with marketing your restaurant on the internet is to capture the interest of people who already visit your establishment and encourage them to return more often, ideally at quiet times when you’ve got spare capacity. This could be early in the week or it could be lunchtimes or early evening. You’ll know when by looking at your figures.

Some of the best ways to use internet marketing for your restaurant are:

  • A Facebook page. Encourage customers to join your page and offer them incentives to like it. Your regular updates will appear on their Facebook page when they log in.
  • Text messaging. Unlike emails, SMS text messages get opened and read. Usually almost instantly. They’re cheap to send out and once you’ve built up a large list of mobile numbers you can send out messages to just a subsection of your list so that you don’t have people queueing out of the door when you send out an offer.
  • Make sure you get reviews on places like TripAdvisor. People trust reviews on these kind of sites and if they’ve not been to your restaurant before then they’ll probably check you out before phoning you for a booking.
  • Claim your Google Places page. These are the lettered results that come up in the search results with a link to a map. You can check whether or not you’ve verified your listing by clicking on it – you’ll be told on-screen whether or not this has happened. Make sure to claim your listing and then make sure that you follow the instructional video to complete your listing but keep it in an editorial style as though you are a journalist reviewing your restaurant. Make sure to fill out the online voucher option.

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