SEO Packages

Search engine optimisation is designed to get search engines such as Google to take an interest in your website and display it in relevant search results. Ideally near the top of the first page of these results as – let’s be honest – that’s where most of the customers are.

Search Engine Optimisation Deals

These are designed to get you showing high up in the search engine results fast.

The Bronze package is suitable if your site is small or only targets a local area.

The Silver package is aimed at larger sites, typically 10 pages or more.

The Gold package is particularly suited to national sites in competitive areas.

         Bronze          Silver            Gold
Site review                           
On-site optimisation                           
100 Directory Submissions/month                           
Articles written       3 / month       6 / month       12 / month
Social bookmarks              75             150             300
Blog posts                50 / month       100 / month
Press releases                1 / month       2 / month
Squidoo lens                       1     1 every 3 months
YouTube video                       1 every 3 months
Contextual backlinks                         1 / month
Monthly fee       £295 + VAT       £495 + VAT       £995 + VAT




On site optimisation

We’ll look at your site and check that it looks good to your visitors as well as the search engines. We’ll suggest any improvements that will help you to get the most from your website visitors.

Directory submissions

Your site will be submitted to a mixture of online directories. We drip feed these at 100 per month and it takes anything from a few days to many months for the links to appear – they are usually reviewed by someone before they are accepted. Not all submissions will be accepted but those that are give slow but steady help to your website.


Each article is at least 500 words in length and is written around the keywords you are targeting. Once written, it will be checked for uniqueness by Copyscape. Then one of our editors will check it for grammar and content. Once it passes this stage, it will be submitted to EzineArticles – a long established site with around 8 million pages indexed by Google – who will check it for plaigiarism and editorial quality. The article will then be live on the internet with two links back to your website.

We will then submit it to ArticlesBase – another large article site with around 4 million pages indexed by Google. Once approved, the article will be live on the internet with three links back to your website.

Over time, your article will be syndicated elsewhere on the web, giving a natural increase in backlinks to your site.

Social bookmarks

These links give an immediate popularity boost to your website and are useful for search engine optimisation as they provide a different source of backlinks.

Blog posts

These are posts on a private network of blogs that we have access to. The posts will include your keyword and are slowly fed out to the blogs in the network. The posts are of a reasonable quality and the sites are randomly selected. They get gradually indexed by the search engines.

Press releases

The press release is commissioned for you and will be written from a news angle rather than an article. It will then be checked by one of our editors for grammar, etc. Once approved, the press release is sent out by hand to 90 press release websites. Each site has an editorial process that will check the press release and either approve it for publication on their site or not. Typically between 30 and 40 sites will approve your release which then gets syndicated across the internet.

Squidoo lens

Squidoo have over 2 million pages indexed by Google and regularly appear in the search results. Each page on Squidoo is called a lens because it focuses on a topic. We will hand craft a lens which will include written content, photographs, an interactive poll, a guest book and links back to your site. If you have an eBay store we will feature products from there as well.

Over the following months we will use a variety of techniques to promote the Squidoo lens so that it provides you with authority backlinks as well as visitors to your site.

YouTube video

We will create a slide-show style video with backing music and a professional voiceover. The video will be search engine optimised to generate views and help it to get found in YouTube and Google.

Over subsequent months we will use a number of techniques to promote your YouTube video. Since Google owns YouTube, it is quite common to see their videos featured in the search results.

Contextual backlinks

A unique 500 word article is written by a native English writer and then rewritten into unique versions. Once that process has taken place it is sent out steadily over the next 60 days to 7 different article networks which supply over 2,000 sites with unique content. Each of these sites will have one or two backlinks to your site and is a powerful addition to your search engine optimisation.


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