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Cheltenham SEO Experts imageOur Cheltenham SEO experts have been getting results from the search engines since 1995. If you want more customers from your website then search engine optimisation is the best way to do that.

Of course, it can’t just be “any old” traffic…

The actual quantity of visitors to your website is less important that their quality. Ideally, you want buyers. People who actually have money to spend and who want to spend it on the things you sell.

Cheltenham SEO Experts Service

At SEO Max we will identify the phrases that people are using to search for your product or service when they’re in the mood to buy it.

Quite often we find that these phrases aren’t searched for very often but people are in spending mode when they use them – one client recently picked up almost £1,000 of initial business and an ongoing contract from a phrase that’s only searched for a couple of times a day.

If your product needs some research before people make a buying decision, we’ll develop ways to skew the buying decision in your favour. Things like a free downloadable report that gives an unbiased view of what to look for before buying your product – pitfalls to look out for, that kind of thing. Naturally the report will be branded with your website and will lead people back to you.

If your product is often bought on price we’ll find ways to differentiate you. This works remarkably well for all sorts of products (think coffee!) and will help push price down the list that people are thinking about, allowing you to charge a price that makes you a decent margin.

All this is glued together with our search engine optimisation expertise. We’ll work hard to get you lots of qualified buyers to your website.

Take a look at our search engine optimisation packages for more information.

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