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Cheltenham Marketing: Search Engine Marketing Cheltenham

If you’re using any form of Cheltenham marketing then search engine marketing needs to be part of your mix. Leaflet drops, local advertising magazines, print ads in the Echo, radio adverts on Star all have their place but it’s often best to direct those to your website so that you can give people more information and maybe even get their email address.

Naturally, your website needs to look professional. Even if someone has taken your information from an advert, if the website they arrive at looks like it was made by your trainee in their dinner hour then that won’t help your Cheltenham marketing efforts. Take a look at your website with a critical “outsiders” eye and check that it’s easy to use and doesn’t take forever to load. If you need to, don’t be afraid to ask an outsider for their views.

Cheltenham Marketing Ideas

Cheltenham marketingGetting your website noticed using various marketing methods needs to include search engine marketing.

Your potential customer may have seen or heard your advert but that doesn’t mean that they memorised your website address, even if you used it regularly in your advert.

Chances are, they will use Google to search for your website. You need to check that you come up first in the search results for your name. Because Google remember your previous searches, you need to either use a different browser or check that Google isn’t remembering your search history (there’s a small link towards the top right of the screen where you can do this). Otherwise the results you get will be skewed.

The next part of your web based Cheltenham marketing is to check that you come up high in the search results for terms your customers are likely to use. Whilst it may be industry standard to use acronyms or other weird phrases, most customers won’t search for things like PI (unless they’re a mathematician) or odd phrases like whole of market, which sounds like you’re entering a middle East bazaar.

Again, an outside look will often help you to identify search engine phrases that are used by your customers but are being missed by you.

Search engine marketing is something you need to watch on a regular basis. New competition arrives on a regular basis, whether it’s other firms or just someone putting up a website with the intention of getting advertising revenue. This happens regularly and it’s very common for revenue based sites to sneak up the search results without you noticing.

Keeping your Cheltenham marketing top of mind with a combination of local adverts and search engine optimisation is a good strategy to keep your business noticed.